Reagan Odhiambo

{Full-Stack Web Developer}

Html . CSS . JavaScript . Django . Java


Hello There!

I'm a Kenyan based web designer and a full-stack web developer focused on crafting clean and user-friendly experiences,I am passionate about building excellent software that improves the lives of those around me.


Below are some of my projects

Django Blog Website

A Django based personal blog website which I developed to help me grasp more on django. The owner can add blogs which are visible by all users and users can also add comments on each blog.


This is a simple Inventory I developed for educational purpose when I was getting started with Kotlin and also a school assignment. Main purpose was to help 'Mama Mboga' manage her products and calculate the totals. It allows the user to add and remove items from the inventory. It also helps to calculate sub totals and totals and also show a table of the products added already, It's still a work in progress...


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